I will be doing some blogs starting from when we opened the shop, our experiences, the highs and lows, moving forward and where we are now.

Going from a Hobby to a business meant changing our mindset. We have a vision.

  • New stock during lockdown.
    We have a few items of stock available for postage or local delivery. Take a look at our products on our Facebook page and we can let you know if the item is available. We have lots of new stock ready to show you very soon. We have Baby Headbands near completion, fringe clips, and […]
  • Trading update
    SHOP UPDATE Hi everybody.Just a brief update about the shop and opening back up. At the moment, we have not made any firm decisions as to when we will open. Government instructions are a bit vague for small businesses regarding who can open. We can sell online or in the shop! We will not be […]
  • Using time wisely.
    I’d like to move forward for a while to chat a little bit about our lockdown due to Covid-19. During these unprecedented times, I wanted to make sure that I used this time wisely. I decided that I would make myself a list of new products I wanted to make for the shop, I’m now […]
  • Bringing the community together.
    Let’s take another look at bringing the community and businesses together. The Craft fairs showed the many talents that we have in our area, and we wanted the crafters to shine in their own light. We had, jewellers showing off their beautiful items, a business that sold MDF blanks, a lady that made printed battery […]
  • There’s always lots to do!
    From the time our shop opens, until closing time, there’s always something to do. I make lots of my own stock during the day, whether it’s knitting, plaque making, card making or even watercolours. During 2018, I had the idea of starting a monthly Craft Fair in the vicinity of the shop. I had several […]