I will be doing some blogs starting from when we opened the shop, our experiences, the highs and lows, moving forward and where we are now.

Going from a Hobby to a business meant changing our mindset. We have a vision.

  • Time for a rest.
    So, it’s the end of Christmas week and we’ve been looking back on the year. We are so proud that we’ve got through the difficult times that Covid has bought to small businesses. We have looked at new ways how we can carry on trading along with the shop. We’ve done well. I’m not going […]
  • It’s all about change.
    Well, it’s been a while since we did any updates but we’ve been making little changes, some behind the scenes, some are little tweaks in the shop. As you will be able to see, if you have been to the shop, we now have a small window area where I can do little displays of […]
  • Positive mind, positive business.
    As we start our Summer Season at the shop, we have started adding lots of ‘token gifts’, that have been on our ‘to do list’. We’ve been so pleased with how business has moved forward positively. We still have lots of ideas and many more items of stock to introduce to our shelves. Hopefully, over […]
  • Lovely sunny week.
    Well the sunshine certainly bought out people this week. It’s been so lovely seeing people sat on benches, eating, drinking and enjoying each other’s company but doing so safely. We have had such a lovely week. We have ordered more window decorations just so that we can change around sometimes. We’ve had quite a few […]
  • Little update.
    Isn’t it good to be back open and trading! Over the last few weeks, I have been replenishing stock in the shop and there’s so much more to come. We have some great plans to move the business forward and ‘Violet’ our vintage caravan is looking good, we still have the electrics to fit and […]