I will be doing some blogs starting from when we opened the shop, our experiences, the highs and lows, moving forward and where we are now.

Going from a Hobby to a business meant changing our mindset. We have a vision.

  • Time to reflect
    As we look back at this year, on the whole, we have a lot to be grateful for. We was able to trade on line throughout lockdown, which helped a lot of our customers. We worked with government guidelines to keep ourselves and our customers safe. The first lockdown was like a trial run I […]
  • Preparing
    We can’t wait to be able to open the shop again on December 3rd. We have been operating on a Click n Collect system which has worked really well. We are so lucky to have been given an opportunity to use an empty unit to keep collections available. In all fairness, we’ve had steady sales […]
  • Here We Go Again!
    So yet again we find ourselves in lockdown. Pretty much the same business plan has been put in place. There’s not a lot we can do other than get on with it and make the most out of a bad situation. We are offering a postal services, a drop box system, Click n Collect and […]
  • Looking up!
    We have started to add more new products to the shop and there’s many more to follow. We will be adding more website sellers shortly too. We are moving forward and aiming for more gifts and online market events. We have started adding our Christmas lighting and looking at refreshing the outside of the shop. […]
  • The next few weeks.
    Over the next few weeks we will be continuing with our Christmas Stock preparations as well as our daily gifts. We have some great Christmas Stock lined up for you. The last few weeks at the shop has kept us quite busy, with further changes being made due to Covid-19 guidelines. We now have some […]