Time for a rest.

So, it’s the end of Christmas week and we’ve been looking back on the year. We are so proud that we’ve got through the difficult times that Covid has bought to small businesses. We have looked at new ways how we can carry on trading along with the shop. We’ve done well. I’m not going to deny it’s not been hard work because it has. Pretty much, every day, has been full on. Throughout the year we have expanded on our popular products and introduced some smaller gifts, it’s been great. Throughout the year we have seen returning customers and have welcomed new customers through the door. We made a small cart to give us extra outdoor space to display smaller gifts and for different themes. The cart has been a great addition. The small display window has been great, especially for Halloween and Christmas.

While we are closed for the Christmas period, we will be having a few days rest before we start some other changes. We are looking at increasing on our popular products such as Light Up bottles, Battery operated printed candles and introducing a new woodland theme. Our new sister page will be activated shortly, we are still adding photographs of the new products, some of which will be available in the shop using its own brand name.

We have lots of new things to look forward to in 2022, and it will show ‘Violet’ our vintage caravan being finished, hopefully by Spring ready for some shows to attend.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our lovely customers and page followers ‘A very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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