It’s all about change.

Well, it’s been a while since we did any updates but we’ve been making little changes, some behind the scenes, some are little tweaks in the shop.

As you will be able to see, if you have been to the shop, we now have a small window area where I can do little displays of either new products available, stock coming soon or to fit in with certain themes. You will also see that we’ve decorated the shop in the Wonderful Cath Kidston, just to give a cheerful look, we love it!

We have also built a small Cart, to display items outside the shop (weather permitting). This cart has been great to display little craft products on.

We have actively been taking part in the Markets late night event, which is on the last Saturday of every month. The late night has proved successful so far, and the atmosphere has been amazing, a night filled with music, dancing, entertainments, shopping and food supplied by the markets new food court. If you are able to travel, I would recommend you visit this event.

Over the coming weeks/months, you will notice a few little changes in products that we sell which is going to keep us busy but the shop looking fresh. We’ve had to change the candles in the shop which isn’t a bad thing, so we can now provide brightly coloured, fresh looking candles at the same prices and all brand new, none re-used. We have a few spaces in the shop for new website sellers (fee applies) to join us on our website which will offer a FREE space in our shop.

‘Violet’ our vintage caravan, is still being worked on and we can’t wait to be able to go mobile for you, not just offering our products, but to do demonstrations and classes too. Next year will hopefully allow us to move around more freely to be able to continue with our plans (If Covid restrictions allow).

Moving into the Christmas period, we are nearly ready!

Kind regards,

House Of Evie x

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