Positive mind, positive business.

As we start our Summer Season at the shop, we have started adding lots of ‘token gifts’, that have been on our ‘to do list’. We’ve been so pleased with how business has moved forward positively.

We still have lots of ideas and many more items of stock to introduce to our shelves. Hopefully, over the next few weeks, we will be introducing some more box frames and other home decor products, just slowly changing stock over to fresh new items. We are still offering website space to businesses, depending on the product. The website space is a separate offering from our shop, which gives us more freedom to help others. We started a trial on doing themed shelves, for items like Bees, Highland Cows, Sea life, and Sunflowers, our customers have loved it, so for a while, we will carry on doing this and will add more Bee Skeps to the shelves again.

If you are visiting us, be sure to visit the new food court in the market, there’s some amazing new businesses offering delicious food from Pizza, to baked potatoes, to curry 😋.

We have been so pleased to see other small businesses, supporting others, it’s great to build relations between others, recommending businesses! This is what we mean by working with positivity. Keeping a positive attitude reflects on business and how customers see us. We are a friendly business, offering lovely gifts to amazing customers and happy to refer customers to others if we can’t help, we are surrounded by some fantastic businesses. “Sharing is caring!”

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