Lovely sunny week.

Well the sunshine certainly bought out people this week. It’s been so lovely seeing people sat on benches, eating, drinking and enjoying each other’s company but doing so safely. We have had such a lovely week. We have ordered more window decorations just so that we can change around sometimes. We’ve had quite a few new customers this week which has been lovely. We love working along side other businesses and I’m so happy to recommend other small businesses if I can’t help out with a request. After all, that’s what builds business relationships.

This last week, I have been increasing my stock and doing the usual photos of each stage of me making them, it’s so much easier to log your products like that. All I have to do, if I need to look back on anything, is to go into my trader file where all of my products are registered, I’m all about paperwork!

We have several new products on the go at the moment, it keeps the shop looking fresh when I can change stock over on a regular basis. We have been asked to bring back a few products that I did a few years ago, so I’m working on that. We are moving forward to continue to offer our customers the service and products that they are accustomed too. We have our own style that works well for us so we won’t be changing too much 💕

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