Time to reflect

As we look back at this year, on the whole, we have a lot to be grateful for. We was able to trade on line throughout lockdown, which helped a lot of our customers. We worked with government guidelines to keep ourselves and our customers safe. The first lockdown was like a trial run I suppose, of more things to come, it was shocking how it impacted the world, peoples lives, families, businesses, not something you would expect to happen. We was given the opportunity during second lockdown to use an empty unit for ‘Click ‘n’ Collect’, this worked out so good for us. Our customers have remained loyal and their support has been amazing, for this we will be forever grateful. Throughout these unprecedented times, you have no choice but to carry on as much as you can. We haven’t let anything get in our way that wasn’t important. We work on positivity, not negativity. We have passed on business to others when our workload got full, we have supported other businesses by shopping with them, we are happy to help others.

As we move forward into 2021, we are aware that things can change at short notice, for this, we have plans in place so that we can trade throughout any future lockdowns that may happen. We are moving forward and staying as positive as we can. We don’t work with negativity. I’m not sure how many of you keep diaries, but a few of us do. I look back at messages I have on my phone from May 2018, yes I have messages that far back, I have shown others so that it distinguishes the difference between truth and lies, and people playing victim to their own wrong doings, in the hope that people can learn from it. Moving forward to 2021 with a positive outlook, concentrating on new stock, and hopefully things will get better in this topsy turvy world we live in right now. Keep positive. Much love 💕

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