We can’t wait to be able to open the shop again on December 3rd. We have been operating on a Click n Collect system which has worked really well. We are so lucky to have been given an opportunity to use an empty unit to keep collections available. In all fairness, we’ve had steady sales and orders throughout lockdown2. Just because we had to close our door, doesn’t mean we haven’t been working. We’ve been working extremely hard on customer orders and also new stock for the new year. We have plans in place now incase we have these lockdowns on a regular basis, we will treat them as close to normality as we can. I’m so pleased to see small businesses working with each other and passing on orders when we are busy ourselves, it’s so important to support each other and come together to offer support, share ideas to keep our businesses ticking over, it’s what makes small businesses unique. We are fully aware that not all businesses are supportive, it brings out the trolls, the good old keyboard warriors, using your post pictures, your wording etc, we’ve some cracking screenshots that I’ll show you soon, it’s laughable. Our motto is ‘Starve Your Distractions, Feed Your Focus’, there’s no need to give these people your time and energy. It’s a bit like dunking a biscuit that drops in your coffee, it’s annoying, you look at it and move on to the next one 😂.

So, moving forward, more new stock coming, introducing stock that we haven’t sold before. I’m able to sell a wider range of products now so we are really looking forward to doing this. ‘Violet’ our vintage caravan, is nearly finished, just the outdoor paintwork to address and new wheels.

“Always look on the bright side of life”. Much love 💕

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