Amazing few weeks!

We have had an amazing few weeks since we last did a Blog. We have kept a constant supply of new products and customer orders have increased. We are now on Tiktok which is great fun, we’ve enjoyed making the stock videos. Our customer base is growing steadily now and this has lead to an increase in us having to replenish stock on a daily basis. We are still coming to terms with the queuing up at the shop, often before I get there in the morning to open up.

We was so pleased to find that a local business lady had put our business forward to be interviewed for ITV central news. This was to do with us selling Face Coverings and how our customers had accepted the changes implemented by the government. Since the interview, our website has seen new traffic and we have an increase in customers travelling to see us after seeing us on TV. We’ve had amazing support from both old and new customers. We have had orders from all over the UK for face coverings and supplying lots more business through many different sectors.

Over the next few weeks, we will carry on our business plan, increase products, and offer our customers the best customer service that we can. We have lots of new products in the pipeline and our daughter is joining us again now that her maternity leave has come to an end. She will be another driving force in business growth and introducing her own new products to our customers. So, lots more for you all to look forward to in the very near future.

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