Trading after lockdown

We reopened our shop on Tuesday June 2nd. As a small business, you are better off setting out a new daily work routine as things are definitely not the same. I didn’t quite know what to expect, everything was a mix of excitement and being nervous. To see people queuing up outside the shop and sales being non-stop all day was very overwhelming. Thinking about each customer, you have to think ahead from the customer entering the shop until the customer leaves, your Priority is safe distancing, disinfecting after each customer leaves, and asking the next customer to come in, it’s mentally exhausting. I remember thinking, life is never going to be the same for a long time, if ever, for anyone. Continuous antibac, wiping down surfaces, not touching money, disinfecting card reader……. those small businesses waiting to reopen need to accept that it’s difficult trading under these conditions. There’s no greetings by hugs, touching arms to give comfort, absolutely nothing, huggers will struggle to remember that it’s not safe to do so. There’s some very harsh moments of reality but as traders, this last week, we have become a support system for each other, it’s been good. We operate on a ‘1 customer at a time’ system, it’s less risk to our lovely customers and ourselves. For 2 days running we sold out of several products. As of the 15th, other retailers are being allowed to reopen, let’s hope they have everything ready. We notice that there’s a change of ‘business name’ again for one ‘business’ waiting to open, this seems to happen around 10 months of them trading before they close again.

We have new website sellers joining us, lots of new stock to come and I’m pleased to say we have survived our first week back, we’ve been busy. To our customers, we thank you for returning to us, the very kind comments and most of all for your patience.

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