New stock during lockdown.

We have a few items of stock available for postage or local delivery. Take a look at our products on our Facebook page and we can let you know if the item is available. We have lots of new stock ready to show you very soon.

We have Baby Headbands near completion, fringe clips, and some Starfish frames nearly ready. I have some travel games on my list of makes.

I will be doing posts on the Facebook page as and when new stock is coming available. We will soon be starting ‘offers of the week’ on our page. This could be a theme or products in certain price ranges, look out for this!

⭐️⭐️ Cyber bullying ⭐️⭐️

When ‘Cyber bullies’ try to play the victim, ask people to click the 3 dots on the top right of posts that have been written to target you, and they will see how the poster changes words, to remove nasty comments and to turn it into a ‘nice post’. We have lots of these on record.

. . . <<< these dots allow you to view edit history (top right of post) go try and look, screen shot for evidence. Don’t allow yourself to become a victim when these 3 dots can expose a bully. This image is an example of how she manipulates her followers to write horrible comments about me. When they have wrote their comments, she edits the post to make it look nice. I have many many more screenshots with our solicitor, this is just an example of how a bully uses her page followers.

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