Using time wisely.

I’d like to move forward for a while to chat a little bit about our lockdown due to Covid-19. During these unprecedented times, I wanted to make sure that I used this time wisely. I decided that I would make myself a list of new products I wanted to make for the shop, I’m now more than half way down my list. I have made a new range of plaques which I can’t wait for you to see when the time is right. I have new style Wooden houses ready, these will replace my previous style. We have pet gifts, new bags, new cards, Fimo products, fridge magnets, and many more. There’s so much to show you. We try to keep our products as unique as possible to offer you a good choice of products that are different to others. Sadly, there’s times where I plan my products, research materials and designs, only for them to be copied, as many of you have been seeing. Our product register shows dates of production. I have new Box frames ready for the shop and some little keepsake gifts will be ready soon. We can offer new children’s hair bows shortly, the designs are ‘inspired’ by characters. Children’s and Baby headbands are nearly finished, I just have a few finishing touches to add to these products. We have new purses coming with Rainbow emblems. There’s lots of new goodies to show you. During these unprecedented times, we have offered delivery slots twice a week, all carried out to comply with government guidelines. We can’t work from the shop, but I can work from home. There’s still paperwork to be carried out, we are still trading. While you are advertising your products, you are still trading, while putting pictures up of your products, you are still trading, your business pages show you are still active so you are not having a business break! Keeping on top of your records is still important. My own weeks of lockdown consists of making products, packaging and paperwork. Difficult times ahead for many to get back to work but we are ready for when the time is right to open our doors again. I will start to add new stock photographs very soon.

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