Bringing the community together.

Let’s take another look at bringing the community and businesses together. The Craft fairs showed the many talents that we have in our area, and we wanted the crafters to shine in their own light. We had, jewellers showing off their beautiful items, a business that sold MDF blanks, a lady that made printed battery candles, knitted cats and paintings, Nappy cakes, fabric products, homemade jams, box frames, wax melts, all nestled in within local traders. The atmosphere was buzzing. By the end of the day, we had 11 crafters come forward and booked in again for the following month. We had so much paperwork to print out for crafters insurances and risk assessments carried out, everything was as it should be. The satisfaction we got was just to see everyone having a good time, making friends and bringing people together. I had people coming in to my shop to book months ahead for the remaining craft fairs, now that can’t be bad, can it?

First craft fair.

** What’s coming ** Now we’ve had such a response over recent blogs regarding cyber bullying. We will address this over the coming weeks as we’ve had others come forward who are going through similar experiences. I’m not going to dwell too much on this as I believe that cyber bullies shouldn’t be given any headspace. The more you react, the more they will do it. Cyber bullies that are hiding behind keyboards, don’t deserve your headspace? Playing victim of the seeds they sow. My advice, ‘don’t water the seed’. We will discuss more over a few weeks.

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