There’s always lots to do!

From the time our shop opens, until closing time, there’s always something to do. I make lots of my own stock during the day, whether it’s knitting, plaque making, card making or even watercolours.

During 2018, I had the idea of starting a monthly Craft Fair in the vicinity of the shop. I had several discussions and we started advertising. We had so many applications to go through from local crafters, it’s was amazing. We had to choose carefully so that there was no repeated crafts or items that would clash with permanent traders in the area. We was inundated. The first Craft Fair was amazing, everyone enjoyed themselves, great feedback from the public and Crafters, topped off with warm Sunny weather. The Craft Fairs went on for several months. It was organised as we wanted to bring the community together. What an achievement that was.

The following year, without me knowing, some councillors had nominated me to receive recognition for organising the craft fairs. I knew nothing at all about this, absolutely nothing. The first I knew of this was when I was invited to attend a Council Meeting. My name was read out to receive a shield, a token for bringing the community together, I was deeply surprised but very touched.

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