A few years in….

A couple of years into this crazy journey of owning a business, and things settled down. Routines of finishing at the shop, going home, grab a meal and start replenishing stock. We moved into a bigger shop, to say it was a mistake was an understatement, I hated it, it just didn’t ‘feel right’ and 6 months later we moved back into our little shop. We settled down into shop life, supporting other businesses and keeping new ideas coming. We loved feeling busy, still do. My husband does all of the paperwork, for which I am forever grateful.

Business networking plays an important role in building your business. We network on various platforms, you never know where things take you, even the use of a ‘#’ can bring rewards. I was building the business audience on Twitter, when suddenly, both of our phones went crazy. We had won ‘Business Of the Week’ on Twitter, I hadn’t a clue what I had won it for but BrightPig had been following my tweets! It just goes to show, you never know who is watching.

Our future plans, looking a few years ahead, as well as our shop, is to introduce a Vintage Tea Shop! WHAT…………so I guess that’s another story for another day.

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