Over our first year of trading, we got into a routine of replenishing stock as it sold. Some days, we would start making new stock until late at night, we supported small businesses, and developed a good working relationship.

We went through quiet times as most businesses do, that’s the way of the world. We do see businesses saying they are busy when they aren’t, we don’t believe in issuing false statements, just be truthful.

Throughout the year, you adjust stock to what sells best for you, it’s trial and error. We got asked by someone to sell their paper flowers, we declined as we knew it wasn’t what our customers wanted (we still get trouble off this person for saying no, but more about that throughout the blogs!). We sold a lot of watercolour products, fabrics, home decor, lots of homely items. Today, those products have changed, we have had to move with the times. Summer and moving towards Christmas, we found planning ahead was essential in order to get ahead of the big High Street shop’s, you have to get in early when you are a small business!

We found we didn’t have time for craft fairs or holidays, it was very much full on. If you aren’t prepared to put in the hours, you get nowhere, it is definitely a sacrifice. Researching takes up a lot of time, materials, designs, suppliers etc, it’s so annoying when you put in all the hard work to find your work copied (more about that at a later date).

The end of our second year trading was a relief, better figures than our first year, the hard work was paying off, not hugely, but we was heading in the right direction.

We are looking at starting up our GIVEAWAYS again soon, once we have fully restocked the shop after this Covid-19 is over with.

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