The first week of the shop being closed, I have concentrated on making new stock and networking the business. We are putting new ideas in place during this period where small businesses are feeling kind of in limbo. It’s important, to keep in mind, that this period is going to be difficult for everyone and I’m happy to support others, as they have supported me. I’m making new items that can be easily posted out, and some of my suppliers are still taking orders to post out to you. Yesterday, we looked at secure ways of our customers paying for purchases online. We use izettle in the shop, and they have added a secure payment link. This works by us sending you an email or text FOR YOU to enter your card details (not us like a certain person implied), we then get an email saying transaction completed. Simple as that. Moving forward, we have new stock waiting to go in the shop, and we are looking at doing some GIVEAWAYS.

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