Our first month

During our first month of trading, we had many good days, along with not so good days. We kept up with replacing stock that sold out, and we supported many small businesses. We came up with lots of new ideas and came up with ideas to be unique. I started doing my own illustrations and had my first lot of designs printed onto cards by The Dandy Art House Company. I’m lucky that my own watercolour designs don’t get copied, so at least they remain unique to me (more about that further on). We started building up a good customer base, and our loyal customers remain with us today. We only aimed to be open for 3 months on a trial period, that was our target, but we are still here, 5 years down the line. We have worked with some amazing businesses. Our first year was a steep learning curve. We changed a lot of things within the business, I guess you have to change, in order to move on with the times and keep up to date with what our customers want. You find your feet, concentrate on what matters and shut the door on things that aren’t important to your business.

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